Smart Growth

Smart Growth & Long Range Planning

The world has become a Global Village, the use of modern and available technology is the key to a successful economy. This innovation will make digital access to farmers and local Artisans, each farmer/ maker associated with this platform will have a short history of farming/making of local products on our website. The consumers will get information of any makers or farmers like the location of fields and variety of different products particular area. This will result from smart growth in rural areas and will put a positive impact on their socio-economic conditions. This innovation would help the indigenous communities across the country to make Long Range Planning for their skills and products. With Melaosho Digital Platform they would be able to get quick access to Local & Global markets with just one click. There is a competition pool for all products and it will be ranked based on quality and reasonable rates. With the help of this platform, anyone can access any indigenous traditional product of any locality of Pakistan.