About US

Meet Ibad Ur Rehman, a pioneering CEO and founder who is redefining the future of entrepreneurship and sustainability in Pakistan .With a proven track record of success in law and business, Ibad has a unique ability to bridge the gap between traditional industries and innovative technologies. His commitment to social impact and environmental responsibility has made Meloasho a beacon of hope for local communities and a model for sustainable business practices.

Abbas Khan – Co-founder
Abbas Khan, an electrical engineer with a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Electric Power from Brunel University London, is a driving force behind Meloasho. With extensive experience in the solar energy sector and a proven track record as the CEO of Sustainable Solar Solutions, Abbas brings invaluable expertise to Meloasho’s mission of promoting sustainability and empowering local communities. His passion for renewable energy and commitment to creating a green economy make him an integral part of the Meloasho team.

Significance of Melaosho

Melaosho explores Pakistan’s indigenous skills/products, brings sustainability in resources and increases people’s inclination towards green economy. Furthermore it works to create small entrepreneurship in rural areas to empower people with their own resources through innovative approaches.

How does Melaosho work?

Pakistan is blessed with amazing agricultural produce, divine natural resources and talented artisans producing unique handicrafts. Melaosho is a digital platform which will allow the producers to market their domestic/local products online. For this purpose, various sub offices have been established for the training of entrepreneurs.

Established Branches across Pakistan

  1. Head Office Islamabad
  2. District Chital
  3. District Upper Dir
  4. Tehsil
  5. Bannu
  6. Peshawar
  7. Lahore

What would be the role of Melaosho Branches/Sub Offices?

The branches/sub offices will provide necessary training for processing/refining of products to improve/ensure their quality, preservation, packaging in environment friendly materials, provide local logistic support to the entrepreneurs, train them for digital marketing and to mobilize rural communities about the importance of local products.

What would be general impacts?

A step towards Green GDP/Green Economy Local Producers / Farmers / Artesian etc. no matter how small-scale production they are

  1. Consumers who wish to buy products from far flung areas of Pakistan but have no access through this platform they would be able to get desired product of a particular locality in Pakistan.
  2. Job opportunities for local youth in Melaosho Offices/ Branches/Facilitation centers across the Country
  3. Local Economy would get a boost with influx of money to the remote areas of Pakistan
  4. This innovation would help in poverty alleviation by supporting small entrepreneurs.
  5. A step towards sustainable development and Green Economy.
  6. Environmental Friendly Industries will be boosted through this initiative
  7. Fair Taxation & prices