Eco-Friendly Packaging

Environment-Friendly Packaging & Promotion of Labeling Laws

In today’s presentation centered environment, a proper, decent, and eye-pleasing packaging for products is a vital tool to boost customer-satisfaction and bring in more revenues. Being aware of this psychological phenomenon, Melaosho is utilizing modern tools and unique techniques to make our products more credible by giving them decent and environment-friendly packaging to attract consumers’ at large.

This international-standard innovation will help farmers, local artisans, and other talented individuals to attract more eco-conscious customers for their indigenous products.

Melaosho aims to facilitate both parties, i.e. the native producers who are looking for good-paying buyers for their products as well as the consumers who are looking for high-quality products at reasonable prices for improving their lifestyle. By linking them both together and promising high-quality products with complete transparency.

To ensure complete transparency and abide by Labelling Laws, Melaosho will bring all the indigenous products to one place (our website). Details for each and every product like the farmer’s (or producer’s) name, field/production unit’s location, short history of the farmer/producer/artisan, and images of field or workplace will always be available and accessible on our website

Besides a fully functional website, Melaosho will also provide its users with an easy-to-use mobile app, regularly updated social media pages and other modern connectivity platforms to keep them updated with their favorite new products from all over Pakistan.