Creation of Small Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Introducing and Promoting Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Millions of skillful Pakistanis are currently crafting various traditional items in every part of this talent-yielding land. Unfortunately, the majority of these underprivileged people do not have any direct access to national and international markets to showcase their products or skills. Our prime objective, therefore, is to establish small and large enterprises for them across the country, whereby they can get access to both national and international markets.

As we all know, the manufacturing of indigenous traditional and cultural items is a huge industry in Pakistan with infinite potential to grow but sadly, it has been neglected for a long time.

To tackle this negligence and shed light on the value these local manufacturing units can bring, Melaosho in its first phase has worked in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). We paid special attention to localities that are rich with both natural resources and famous for their cultural artifacts.

We realized that the promotion of these indigenous products can provide regular employment opportunities to the local craftsperson, farmers, and other professionals by connecting them to bigger, wider markets while they continue to work within their homes.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of our highly motivated team members, a considerable number of talented craft workers and diligent farmers from remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have started joining Melaosho, which is the start of the green economy innovation, Melaosho aims to bring in Pakistan.

In this way, by bringing global exposure and complete value-addition marketing plans to skilled Pakistanis, Melaosho is striving to eliminate poverty from Pakistan, with a special focus on the underprivileged rural areas. We make sure that every individual gets an equal opportunity to become a part of this platform by connecting their skills and extending unconditional support for making or producing different items in demand.

What will they do?

This will enable impoverished families to run small businesses like embroidery, home-run traditional bakeries, handicrafts, woodcrafts, farming, fisheries, Desi/Organic poultry, and production of different types of healthy food items, and all that at the comfort of their homes.

What will Melaosho do for them?

On our side of the table, Melaosho will make sure that they get proper value addition, innovation, and top-notch digital marketing to secure access to the global market for all of their products. It will definitely empower them by financially uplifting them and will result in small entrepreneurship across the whole country on a large scale.