Public Involvement

The Involvement of Public,
Professionals, and Key Decisions Maker Bodies

No mega innovation is ever made possible without the involvement of masses of that particular land. No different is the case with Melaosho’s green economy and sustainability innovation, therefore, public involvement is an essential part of attaining resilient growth to boost the concept of a green economy in an Agrarian state like Pakistan.

To achieve this objective of ours, Melaosho’s Team visits different rural parts of Pakistan to introduce these modern economic solutions and increase people’s inclination towards a green economy, sustainability, and smart growth. The team organizes different seminars to inform the public at large about their product’s value and the benefits of securing timely access to both domestic and global markets.

Besides the general public, Melaosho also supports sustainable development through raising awareness among other professionals like Legislators, Government Officials, Media Persons, and key decision-maker bodies such as major Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations, all of which are required to put their valuable contribution to prevail the concept of a green economy and sustainable growth in Pakistan.