Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities for All Pakistanis without any Prejudice or Discrimination

One of Melaosho’s major goals is to provide equal opportunities for all Pakistanis working in different sectors and industries across the country. We are creating a diverse and inclusive workspace for all skillful, professionals and innovative people without any discrimination at all.

Melaosho genuinely appreciates and values all those talented individuals who have the unique abilities to innovate and produce creative valuables including artworks, handicrafts, hand-knitted products, embroidered products, wooden works, woolen artifacts, traditional food items, etc.

Moreover, if your experience lies more on the academic and professional side of the table, you are also welcome to join Melaosho. Join us if you hold an academic record plus expertise in Information Technology (IT), Business Administration (BBA, MBA), Modern Sciences, Classics and Arts, Agronomy and Agriculture, Media, or Health, etc.

To provide equal employment opportunities to everyone based on merit, ability, and potential, Melaosho is establishing a state of the art offices in different districts of Pakistan. In the first phase, almost 10 offices have been established (and more are on their way to be established soon). Melaosho’s sub-offices are being managed by locals of that particular area to provide more job and business opportunities for the local talent.